Southern Tanami Women and Girls Dance Camp

with Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC)

Tanami Women’s Dance Camp (Tanami Kamina-Kamina Wirntija-Ku) is about Warlpiri women actively reviving, restoring and maintaining the timeless wisdom of Warlpiri cultural mythologies. Yawulyu (Warlpiri women’s ceremony), is taught through story, song and dance. Based in Yuendumu, this project began in 2010 with the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporationand Incite Arts. It is a long term, relationship-based project where we continue learning and working two-ways; Yapa way (aboriginal way) and Kardiya way (non-aboriginal way). This project empowers women in their learning, teaching and leadership within their community.

Since 2011 Miriam collaborates with senior Warlpiri women and young women in the planning, preparation and delivery of each camp. This includes developing teaching and learning activities that support transmission of knowledge across generations.


This work of Art is a visual, patchwork map, journeying through Jukurrpa and generations of sharing knowledge. It tells the story of women meeting for the dance camps. The idea behind the painting is to show that everyone was gathering for the knowledge of old ways and tradition was being handed down.

By Enid Nangala Gallagher

Cultural Advisor and Custodian of Tanami Dance Camp & WYDAC Board Member


Secondary Teacher

In 2014 Miriam graduated the University of Canberra with a Diploma in Teaching in Performing Arts. She received the Dean’s Excellence Award for high achievement.

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