Dark Moon: a descent to the underworld

For three days the Bright Moon dies and there is darkness until she rises again. In 1750 BC, Middle-Eastern/European ancestors recorded the story of the Moon’s death and rebirth. Dark Moontells the story of a woman who descends into the Great Below for three days then is resurrected to the Great Above. Dark Moon is an ancient story of the moon and human time continuing today and into our future.

An adaptation of works by Diane Wolkstein’s Descent of Innana and Jules Cashford’s The Moon: Symbol of Transformation. Upcoming performance: April 27th at Mirramu Performing Arts Studio, Bungendore. Music Produced by Danny Pratt.

The Primordial Mermaid

Once upon a time, deep in the Primordial Ocean an enchanting mermaid was born. Ever since she has been traveling the waters of life, gathering ancient stories of creation. Now this majestic creature of the deep is waiting on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin to remind us how to awaken the seeds of wisdom that lie within us and beneath us. Art Not Apart, Contour556, Canberra 2018


Penelope’s Odyssey

Poetry and song stir the radiant spirit of Penelope, wife of Homer’s hero Odysseus. Our travelling performance is inspired by Emile Bourdelle’s mythic figure. We begin in Nakaya’s Fog Sculpture, then approach Penelope and journey to her inner world through a descent into James Turrell’s Skyspace.

Music composed by Glenda Cloughley and Mesomedes of Crete (2ndCenturyCE). Contour556, National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Garden 2016

Persephone Project

A mythopoetic, site-specific theatre trilogy based on the ancient Mediterranean agricultural myth of Persephone and Demeter.

Miriam as Persephone. Written by Dr Craig San Roque.

  • Persephone’s Picnic 2015

  • Persephone Underground 2016

  • Persephone’s Heart (Greece) 2017

Photo compilations. Alice Springs Editorial. PAN, Issue13

A Chorus of Women

Miriam has been attentive to transmissions from her own Western heritage since her four-year involvement with A Chorus of Women. She has been singing, performing and offering creative direction for different events and major projects. In 2003 A Chorus of Women sang a Lament for the people of Iraq. 150 Canberra women sang inside Parliament House as the Australian Government declared war. 15 years later, Chorus continues to resound the participative democratic voice of the citizens’ chorus in original song, community events and major performance projects.