Miriam Pickard graduated Charles Sturt University with a BA in Theatre/Media and completed theatre training in France with Master Clown teacher Philippe Gaulier and the Lecoqe International School of Mime. Miriam has been devising and collaborating in site-specific theatre, storytelling and comedy since 2010.

She investigates how Australian cultural wellbeing and cross-cultural empathy can be fostered through the re-telling of the ancient European mythic stories; the ancestral origins of European Australians. Intergenerational transmission of knowledge with European cultural elders, scholars and artists is essential to this work. This work is woven into her long-term cross-cultural collaboration and facilitation with the Tanami Warlpiri Womens Dance camp project in central desert Australia. 

This project about Warlpiri women actively reviving, restoring and maintaining the timeless wisdom of Warlpiri cultural mythologies. Yawulyu (Warlpiri women’s ceremony), is taught through story, song and dance. Her immersion into European mythic regenerative stories with colleagues and mentors Dr Craig San Roque and Dr Glenda Cloughley through story, song and movement has been transformative to her arts practice as a storyteller, the community and cultural development work and her personal life. Her experience is elaborated in ‘Persephone and me; a personal account’, Philosophy Activism NatureIssue13.